Natural Gas Condensate and it’s relation to Baghjan Blowout.

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by Suraj Gogoi

What is a condensate?

We often come across many complaints of petrol and diesel being adulterated. Condensate, also known as gasoline, is one of the substances which is used to adulterate these petrochemicals. It is also used to make plastic. Condensate is a high pressure gas which is found in its pure form inside the earth. It is very volatile and highly inflammable. When the gas comes out of the surface, any dip in temperature can turn it into liquid form and settles on top of anything that it falls. Its effects on land and water are different. The moment it touches the water surface, it settles on top of the water as its density is lighter than water. In other words, its state is determined by the temperature and pressure it is found in. In its liquid form it is primarily transparent and almost odorless. Russia…

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